Micha Hersch

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Researcher in the Computational Biology Group of Prof. Sven Bergmann at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB) and the University of Lausanne (UNIL) .

email: micha.hersch at unil.ch

Fields of interest

I am interested in all phenomenons related to self-organization, the self-regulation of behavior and the emergence of complex structures. This includes minimal cognition and pattern formation.
I investigated this in various context, such as the light response of the model plant Arabidopsis Thaliana, cell size determination in fission yeast. During my PhD, I did the same thing, but in the context of sensori-motor learning for a humanoid robot.

I am a strongly attracted to in multi-disciplinary research, which may explain my wanderings in humanities, maths, computer science, cognitive science, robotics, and biology. I am also interested in the interaction between science and arts and between science and society at large.